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Fall To Do's In the Cedar Rapids Area

Now is the time to get your home ready for the winter months!
Posted: October 14, 2020 by Shannon Feuerbach

With it being Mid-October in Iowa, it is inevitable the weather will be turning colder and frost will be on the pumpkins soon. Now it a good time to get your home ready for winter.

Your Furnace

Now is the time to get your furnace inspected by your favorite HVAC professional – before you fire it up. They can make sure your furnace is working and no carbon monoxide leaks.
If your furnace is a hot-water radiator, this is the time to bleed the valves.
Stock up on furnace filters – review how often they need to be replaced. (Oh, make sure they are the right size and “pointing” in the right direction for your intake.)
You may want to take this time to switch out a regular thermostat for a more efficient programmable one.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Replace old ones – they don’t last forever.
Purchase and install Carbon Monoxide Detectors. CO poisoning is a silent killer. That headache may not be just from a bad day – have your furnace inspected.
Make sure you have enough batteries around for them.
Test and make sure they are in working order. If they are over 10 years old, replace them.
Make sure you have the right fire extinguisher in the proper areas for quick use.

Your Fireplace

Get your chimney cleaned by a local chimney sweep. Cleaning the creosote and soot now may save you from a chimney fire later. While you’re up there, inspect your chimney’s brick and motor and make sure your damper is opening/closing properly.
Stock up on your wood supply.

Your Doors and Windows

You would be amazed how much draft comes in from doors and windows. This makes your furnace work harder and costs more. Inspect and seal with weatherstrip and caulk.
Cover your basement window wells with plastic covers and switch out your summer screens, if you have them.
Insulate your exterior wall outlets with inside covers made especially to keep the cold air coming in through your electrical outlets.

Your Plumbing

Make sure you know where your water main shutoff is at your house.
Drain and remove your garden house. If it’s still connected to your outside faucet over the winter, you may find your entire pipe from the outside faucet to your inside pipe froze which could result in a highly costly repair.
Insulate the exposed plumbing pipes.
If you do leave during the winter months, either winterize your entire home or keep the temp at 55 degrees.
A little bit of care now will save you in the long run.


If you would either like a new home or a home to winterize, be sure to Call on Shannon!
I would be happy to find just the right home for your needs!

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